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Dread Jewelry by Dread Stop

29 Oct


DREAD STOP  is a great resource for dread jewelry and cuffs. Their pieces are stylish and eye-catching. What a great way to add a bit of sparkle this holiday season or maybe buy a gift.




To Love and Cherish: Thoughts on Black Women and Breast Cancer

29 Oct

As national Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close we hope that you have made an appointment for your annual mammogram and continue with your monthly breast exams. We need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of the ones we love.

2 Dope Sistahs

Ten years ago, I lost a very close friend and colleague to breast cancer. I met her in graduate school, and like so many of the women I met there, she became like family to me. My friend, C.W., had worked as a nurse for many years while raising her family. She went back to school and got another degree in history. She then decided she wanted to attend graduate school and have a second career as a professor.

She told very few people about her diagnosis. I guess she didn’t want people to feel pity for her. In spite of treatment, the cancer spread to other parts of her body. However, she kept right on attending classes and teaching until she went into the hospital for the last time. I often think of how caring she was, calling to check on my husband after he had minor surgery, when she must have…

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Company wants woman to cut her dreadlocks off

24 Oct

So….can we get rid of the guy with the Mullet that eats Cheetos at his desk, too? These instances of discrimination showcase the absurd demands of employers. I understand that businesses have dress code policies but if you are well-groomed and your hair is not causing a safety hazard then I don’t think an employer should discriminate against you. Period. Long Live the Locs.

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI)– 24-year-old Ashley Davis loves her dreadlocks and has been growing them for more than 10 years. Everyone in her family has dreadlocks and she says dreds are a part of her culture and identity. Davis was shocked when a manager at Tower Loan in St. Peters said her hairstyle was no longer acceptable and was told to cut it. Davis refuses to change her hairstyle, the same style she wore when hired.

“My worst nightmare is I wake up and all of my hair is gone. As far as cutting it goes, no way it’s like cutting me open I can`t do it. My supervisor saw me two weeks after she hired me and said I was doing a great job,” said Davis.

The new company policy says dreadlocks, braids, mohawks, mullets and other hairstyles are against company guidelines. The new policy was…

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Beautiful Dreadlocks

21 Oct

Stunning pictures set to a beautiful song. The song “Appletree” is sung by the amazing Erykah Badu.

A 7-Year-Old’s Dreadlocks Inspire Project Affirming Natural Black Beauty

16 Oct

A great response to a ridiculous situation.

Drexel News Blog

Seven-year-old Tiana Parker was sent home from school on her first day…because of her hair. The elementary  school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, deemed the dreadlocks she wore under her big, pink bow to be “faddish,” and, thus, “unacceptable.”

When Dr. Yaba Blay, an assistant teaching professor and co-director of Drexel University’s Africana Studies program, heard the story, she was outraged. One of today’s leading voices on colorism and global skin color and hair politics, Blay has committed her life to reaffirming the natural beauty of black women. (Her new book on the intricacies and nuances of racial identity,(1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race, is scheduled for release on Nov. 29.)

Moved to action by the sight of Tiana’s tears on a local TV station, Blay invited black women from across the country and around the world to share words of encouragement for Tiana and send pictures of…

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Pirates Andrew McCutchen Caring for his Locs

16 Oct


This video gives you some great information on loc care. Andrew McCutchen is easily recognizable not just for his skill on the field but for his gorgeous locs.

Which celebrity’s locs do you love the most?




Loose Natural Hair vs. Locs/Dreads/Dreadlocks

16 Oct

Here are some wonderful loc styles.

“Natural” by Rajdulari

13 Oct


This song will make you feel good on this beautiful Sunday morning. Go out today and be your best…just as you are.

Welcome to Live Locs

7 Oct


Welcome to LiveLocs new blog! Our blog will be a place for you to find great information on dreadlocks and their care. LiveLocs is a rapidly expanding hair care brand that helps you maintain naturally beautiful and healthy locs. Your opinions and comments are always welcome.