A 7-Year-Old’s Dreadlocks Inspire Project Affirming Natural Black Beauty

16 Oct

A great response to a ridiculous situation.

Drexel News Blog

Seven-year-old Tiana Parker was sent home from school on her first day…because of her hair. The elementary  school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, deemed the dreadlocks she wore under her big, pink bow to be “faddish,” and, thus, “unacceptable.”

When Dr. Yaba Blay, an assistant teaching professor and co-director of Drexel University’s Africana Studies program, heard the story, she was outraged. One of today’s leading voices on colorism and global skin color and hair politics, Blay has committed her life to reaffirming the natural beauty of black women. (Her new book on the intricacies and nuances of racial identity,(1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race, is scheduled for release on Nov. 29.)

Moved to action by the sight of Tiana’s tears on a local TV station, Blay invited black women from across the country and around the world to share words of encouragement for Tiana and send pictures of…

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