Loose Natural Hair vs. Locs/Dreads/Dreadlocks

16 Oct

Here are some wonderful loc styles.

Vanisha R. Dailey

Many people think: You can’t do anything with locs! -–a horrible misconception!

Reguardless of if you have thick locs, medium locs, or “sista locs”, the styles are limitless!  

(Check out the photos below)

  It was time for a new journey, or I was going to chop my hair off.

Around this time last year, I decided that I wanted to loc my hair.

After hours of research, I soon realized that a lot of these popular natural hair websites that I had grown so accustomed to rarely discussed locs, if not at all.

I attempted to reach out to these sites, numerous times:

“Can you all feature more women with locs on your site?” some sites improved a little.. but for the most part, not hardly.

 Thank goodness so many amazing people with locs have started Youtube channels.. not only to share their personal journeys, but to inform and be of help…

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