Collegiate Debaters Nadia Lewis and Jamila Ahmed Become 1st Black Women to Win National Competition

15 Nov

Exceptional women. I love how they used their experiences to create metaphors addressing the subject of their debate. Brilliant.


Two female students at Fresno State University, Nadia Lewis and Jamila Ahmed, recently made history by being named the first African-American women to win the Henry Clay Invitational Debates.  The annual debate, which was held at the University of Kentucky this year, was first established in 1971 and is one of the nation’s oldest and largest U.S. policy, varsity debate tournaments in America, reportsThe Collegian at Fresno State.

On Oct. 7, Lewis and Ahmed took home the first and second place titles, respectively, after competing against 286 speakers from 30 schools.  The paper reports that it was was Lewis’ first semester participating in the school’s debate team. Now, she is ranked 29th in the nation.  As for Ahmed, it is her second year in debate, and her latest victory catapulted her to rank 16th in the country.  “Nadia Lewis and Jamila Ahmed have accomplished a…

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