Weave Thief Lands in Jail!

15 Dec


prison, jail - GefaengnisSo, this headline, “Woman Sentenced to 5 Years in Jail for Weave Robbery” definitely caught our eye. We’ve already written about weave thefts, and we cover the disturbing national trend in the new edition of Hair Story, but a five-year jail sentence seems a little harsh for stealing some Hawaiian Silky strands. Doesn’t it? Not to make light of a serious situation, but five years is a long time to be behind bars, so of course we did some additional research.

Turns out, the 19-year old Maryland woman who committed this crime, not only stole $800 worth of weave hair in broad daylight, she viciously beat the store owner up in the process and completely ignored the fact that her baby was caught up in the middle of her madness. Yes, she had her baby with her while she was going all Bonnie & Clyde in the…

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