.RaW // Gainesville, Fla. // Documentary Photographer // Javier Edwards

26 Dec

El Roi Photo


I love self-portraits. 

Not to satisfy narcissistic urges, but as a creative outlet for communication – a different method of articulating myself, or, sometimes, just as a stamp in my visual scrapbook to reflect upon. 

I think I’m a pretty decent writer but, of course, I’d much rather communicate visually. 

.RaW is just another visual stamp in my life’s timeline. I’ve been meaning to take more self-portraits, but, unfortunately, I don’t have the creative space I once had,  for my equipment – I’m limited to a dimly lit reading lamp for off-camera lighting. It’s like writing an essay with a dull, stubby wooden pencil, with no eraser.  

That’s more than enough though -just have to think a little more.  

My locs are actually starting to look like locs now, too. I can at least begin to see what I envision them to grow in to – they’re…

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