Life Is In the Hair: A short documentary on dreadlocks and life

6 Jan


This is a wonderful documentary by Richard K. Lakpassa. It discusses why some people choose dreads and how it makes them feel. The film discusses some of the prejudices and stereotypes that they have faced. Richard K. Lakpassa has put together a very honest and thought provoking story.

Please leave a comment and let us know hoe your dreadlocks have impacted your life. Do you feel free and unique? Do you feel that you are sometimes judged in a negative way because of your hair? Did you choose to wear dreadlocks because you like the style or was there a spiritual, political or historical motivation? We would love to hear your story.



One Response to “Life Is In the Hair: A short documentary on dreadlocks and life”

  1. Nat Turner February 7, 2014 at 4:21 am #

    Linda Ainouche, Thanks for replying.
    You have indeed opened a debate, with your film “Dreadlocks Story”, a very serious debate, however as a film maker I believe you all thrive on critics.
    As an anthropologist you seem to follow the usual pattern of western academia, which is to denude the African of all worthwhile attributes.
    From what I’ve seen of the trailer you started with a foregone conclusion and have continued to cement that view.
    Had you really known anything about Rastafari then you would know that as far as the Jamaican “founders” of the faith are concerned the inspiration is directly through the revelation of the personage of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia and that locks have been a part of that culture for countless millennia.
    As for India, which was first peopled by Africans there are indeed many similarities, but no one would dare to suggest, even in these times of madness, that Indian culture is older than that of Africa. The first and second waves of Indians were Africans, long before any rude “Aryan”, Turanian or Scythian was even out of the caves.
    In fact the sacred river still bears the name of the Ethiopian general Ganga / Ganges. Ind / Indi means Black this word provides the name of the two ancient founder sons hIND & sIND. One of the former names of India was Cusha Dwipa, the Cush coming from an ancient name of Ethiopia which was Cush.
    Like China with it’s Kunlan (African) Shan mountain range, so is India with it’s Hindu Cush mountain range.
    I suggest you read some books not on the usual western reading list and gain some hidden knowledge.
    Personally I cannot be in any film, good or bad, but if I can contribute to you making a great film, I will. Hear are some leads, for starters.
    African Presence in Early Asia – 1985 (+ A.P. in Early Europe & A.P. in E. Amrerica)
    Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire – Ms. Drusilla Dunjee Houston 1926 (re- 1985)
    Ethiopia & the Origin of Civilization – John G. Jackson 1939

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