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Lady Gaga Rocks Bra and Huge Dreadlocks to the Capital FM Jingle Bell Day 2

9 Dec

As always Lady Gaga has an interesting look. Rockin’ white dreads.

Dupri's Glam

She’ll never stop amazing us,I love Lady Gaga but i don’t know if this works for me. She was at the Capital FM Jingle Ball concert with faux dreadlocks and a Versace Gold Seastar Print Suit:lady-gaga-capital-fm-jingle-bell-bal-day-2-versace-suit-1lady-gaga-capital-fm-jingle-bell-bal-day-2-versace-suit-2lady-gaga-capital-fm-jingle-bell-bal-day-3-versace-suit-1


so what do you think, hit or miss?

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DREADLOCKS STORY – Documentary trailer: Director and Producer Linda Aïnouche

26 Nov


The history of dreadlocks is interesting and complex. The video above is a trailer for a documentary that is in the works.

Here is a wonderful article by Linda Aïnouche “Reggae, A Force for Dialogue”.


Linda Aïnouche with friends


Dear Tiana…You Are Limitless.

22 Nov

A video letter to a 7 yr. old girl who was told she was “unacceptable” by her school.

Andre Ellington Loses Dreads But the Cardinals Win the Game

18 Nov



Andre Ellington of the St. Louis Cardinals said that he didn’t even know he had lost some of his dreads until the play was over. Jason Babin of the Jacksonville Jaguars triumphantly held the dreads up high adn then flung them to the ground. Believe it or not hair is considered part of the NFL uniform so there was no penalty. Andre’s dreads were not extensions but five years of growth.The Cardinals went on to win the game 27-14.