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30 Dec

.RaW // Gainesville, Fla. // Documentary Photographer // Javier Edwards

26 Dec

El Roi Photo


I love self-portraits. 

Not to satisfy narcissistic urges, but as a creative outlet for communication – a different method of articulating myself, or, sometimes, just as a stamp in my visual scrapbook to reflect upon. 

I think I’m a pretty decent writer but, of course, I’d much rather communicate visually. 

.RaW is just another visual stamp in my life’s timeline. I’ve been meaning to take more self-portraits, but, unfortunately, I don’t have the creative space I once had,  for my equipment – I’m limited to a dimly lit reading lamp for off-camera lighting. It’s like writing an essay with a dull, stubby wooden pencil, with no eraser.  

That’s more than enough though -just have to think a little more.  

My locs are actually starting to look like locs now, too. I can at least begin to see what I envision them to grow in to – they’re…

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Entrepreneur Tristan Walker Building a Procter & Gamble for People of Color

26 Dec

Tristan Walker is a great example of someone who is forward thinking.


In his first few months as an entrepreneur in residence at Andreessen Horowitz, Tristan Walker dreamed big when it came to startup ideas. There were the seeds he planted for a new kind of bank. There was the idea for a venture aimed at tackling childhood obesity.

But, then, Walker decided his best bet was to found a company that was more “authentic” to him and his experiences. What he came up with was Walker & Company Brands, a next-generation Procter & Gamble with a straightforward, if ambitious, mission: To make health and beauty simple for people of color.

That’s what he told me in an interview on Sunday night about his new company, which has raised $2.4 million led by Los Angeles-based Upfront Ventures, with backing from Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Collaborative Fund, Sherpa Ventures and the William Morris agency’s Charles King.

Prior to Andreessen Horowitz, Walker ran…

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Live Locs Photo Shoot with Make Up Artist Regina Mclean: Look For Our Product Launch!

26 Dec
LiveLOvs Photo Dec 2013 rework (1)
Live Locs would like to thank Regina Mclean for helping to create a amazing Live Locs moments. In preparation for our product launch Regina participated in our photo shoot using her talents to make the event special. Thank you, Regina!
Regina Mclean
Make up Artist MUA
Makeup by Swan

Weave Thief Lands in Jail!

15 Dec


prison, jail - GefaengnisSo, this headline, “Woman Sentenced to 5 Years in Jail for Weave Robbery” definitely caught our eye. We’ve already written about weave thefts, and we cover the disturbing national trend in the new edition of Hair Story, but a five-year jail sentence seems a little harsh for stealing some Hawaiian Silky strands. Doesn’t it? Not to make light of a serious situation, but five years is a long time to be behind bars, so of course we did some additional research.

Turns out, the 19-year old Maryland woman who committed this crime, not only stole $800 worth of weave hair in broad daylight, she viciously beat the store owner up in the process and completely ignored the fact that her baby was caught up in the middle of her madness. Yes, she had her baby with her while she was going all Bonnie & Clyde in the…

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Idris Elba Named Essence Magazine’s 2013 “Sexiest Man Alive”

13 Dec

Not surprised. At all.



Idris Elba’s talent may have landed him the role of the late and legendary Nelson Mandela in a new biopic – but his good looks swept the woman of Essence off their feet as they named him 2013′s Sexiest Man Alive.  Elba has had a banner year with the release of two high-profile movies: the first was a July release of the action film Pacific Rim but it is his role as Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom that has brought him considerable buzz.

Aside from the talent he delivers on-screen, Elba is also admired by women for his whimsical charm and let it be known, according to Essence: “When Elba smiles, he dazzles. We’re seeing stars, moons and rainbows right about now.”  The magazine chose the British actor to join the league of men who have received the “Sexiest Man Alive” title by a…

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Stylishly Correct

13 Dec

Whatever she calls them they are gorgeous.

Keep Calm and Get Dreadlocks

10 Dec



Today feels like a great day to celebrate dreads. Enjoy!


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Lady Gaga Rocks Bra and Huge Dreadlocks to the Capital FM Jingle Bell Day 2

9 Dec

As always Lady Gaga has an interesting look. Rockin’ white dreads.

Dupri's Glam

She’ll never stop amazing us,I love Lady Gaga but i don’t know if this works for me. She was at the Capital FM Jingle Ball concert with faux dreadlocks and a Versace Gold Seastar Print Suit:lady-gaga-capital-fm-jingle-bell-bal-day-2-versace-suit-1lady-gaga-capital-fm-jingle-bell-bal-day-2-versace-suit-2lady-gaga-capital-fm-jingle-bell-bal-day-3-versace-suit-1


so what do you think, hit or miss?

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Untitled #17

9 Dec